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Local Title Company, Escrow Company, Lender and Real Estate Agent  Team Up
To Show Home Buyers How To Buy The Best Home At the Best Price

Home Buyer's Class

Buying a home is a complex process: Title insurance, inspections, negotiations, and home loans.

To help ensure that your home purchase is profitable and problem free, a group of four area professionals have teamed up to sponsor a home buyer’s class to teach you the secrets of successful home buying.

The class is presented in an information-packed, 2-hour format. Whether you presently own a home, or this is your first home purchase, you’ll learn many strategies for getting the best buy and the best loan.

At The Class, You’ll Learn:

How much home can you afford?

Is your credit good enough to buy a home?

Or, can bad credit or no credit prevent you from buying a home?

How do mortgages work?

How much cash will you need to buy a home?

What is the best way to find the right home?

Do you need a REALTOR®?

How do you know
how much a home is really worth?

What are closing costs?

Who pays for what?

Some terms you'll want to be familiar with.

At the class you will receive our
free Home Buyer's Manual
to get you started in the right direction.

There Are More Than 1000 Ways
To Finance Your Home Purchase! 
Do You Know Which Way Is Best For You?

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