Loan Calculator
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Enter information regarding your loan in the calculator above.
Things to keep in mind:
• Principal Amount of Loan - Enter the beginning balance of the loan. For mortgage loans, this is usually determined by adding the home purchase price and closing costs, then deducting the down payment.

• Annual Interest Rate - This calculator requires an interest rate between 1.0% and 50%. You may enter any increments above 1.0% -- for instance, 8.125% would be valid to enter.

• Term of Loan - Must be at least 1 year. Enter increments of whole years using a decimal point. For instance, you would enter 1 ½ years as 1.5 years.

• Monthly Loan Payment will be calculated after you enter information and click on the "Calculate" button.
REMINDER: If this is a mortgage loan, the monthly payment does NOT include an amount for property taxes and/or insurance.

Note-The payment amount does not include property taxes, insurance or homeowner's association dues.
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