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     The Free Home Buyer's Class is presented by a team of seasoned professionals in Real Estate, Lending, Title, and Escrow. Our Free Home Buyer's Class is designed to give you answers to many of your questions about home ownership. Uncertainty will be cleared away and replaced with practical, down-to-earth-knowledge that you can use now. From getting started to getting moved in, you'll learn how to navigate the entire home buying and borrowing process.

     There is no cost for this class, nor are you under any obligation to any instructor as a result of attending. The topics we'll cover & some questions we'll answer are:
1) How much home can I afford?
2) How much will I need to put down?
3) What are closing costs & who pays for them?
4) Is my credit good enough to buy a home?
5) What is the best way to find the right home?
6) Will I need a REALTOR?
7) Will bad credit or no credit prevent me from buying a home?
8) How do I know how much a home is really worth?
9) What are the costs in buying a home and who pays them?
10) What does that mean? We'll be providing you with a glossary of terms to prepare you for the "new language" you'll encounter on the road to home ownership.

There is NO CHARGE for the Class, and you may bring a guest. 
And,  you must pre-register. Class size is limited.
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